Youth Strategies – Jet Program

As the founder of The Jet Network (JET) Dr Ashley Humphrey has helped 1000’s of young people discover the transforming impact a few small steps have in overcoming hard-times and connecting with one’s purpose in life.

Standing for Journey Ending in Transformation, JET delivers engaging programs and workshops to schools, providing practical, evidence-based, positive mental health strategies to build resilience, character and wellbeing in young people’s lives.

The JET PROGRAM is available for schools across Australia both online and in person. You can find out more at the Jet website or contact the JET team for assistance.

Public Engagement

Dr Ashley is an accomplished speaker who has provided evidence-based consultation across corporate, government, and the educational sectors. He is well known for his capacity to deliver data-driven presentations in a format that is both enjoyable and engaging for large and small audiences alike.

Topics include:

  • Human connection and leadership
  • Strategies for healthy and thiving cultures
  • What depression teaches us about living healthy and whole

Contact Ashley for more information.